• Possession of a valid travel document.

  • Must be fluent in one of the official languages in Malta (Maltese or English).

  • Evidence of good conduct.

  • Pass a Fit and Proper Test (due diligence will be carried out by the IRD).

  • A Private Health Insurance Policy which covers all medical risks in Malta and EU.

  • The applicant must be in receipt of stable and regular resources.


  • Foreign source income, which is received in Malta, is taxable at the rate of 15%.

  • The minimum annual tax liability is €15,000.

  • Additional income that is not covered by these rules is charged separately at the
    rate of 35%.

  • Possibility of claiming double tax relief but subject to the minimum annual
    tax liability.

  • No inheritance taxes.

  • Income from work outside of Malta is tax-free as long as not remitted into Malta.

  • No net worth or wealth taxes.

  • No tax on capital gains arising outside Malta, even if such gains are received in Malta.


  • No minimum investment requirements.

  • The special tax status under TRP can be inherited subject to the beneficiary
    continuously satisfying the TRP conditions.

  • Beneficiaries may also have household staff providing a service in their qualifying
    property, as long as all the requisite procedures are satisfied.


Once the residence application has been approved, the TRP permit holders are required to fulfil the following annual requirements.

  • Maintain a qualifying property in Malta.

  • Maintain a private health insurance policy if no Social Security Contributions.

  • Maintain a stable income.

  • Abstain from staying in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days.

  • Special reporting obligations (filing of an annual tax return).

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